Announcing Poomsae Seminar

This Seminar will be held on March 3rd, 2019 at Chosun Taekwondo Academy. Poomsae Technique History/Philosophy of Poomsae Poomsae Applications Traditional Color Belt Poomsae Traditional Black […]

Announcing Combat Hapkido Seminar

The Seminar will be held on April 25th, 2020 at Chosun Taekwondo Academy. Schedule: Ladies only “TRU” Seminar – Master Trina Pellegrini 8am – 10am Combat […]

HOONLYUN: The Journal of The United States Taekwondo Association

This elegant, high-quality, HARD-COPY periodical, is on schedule to be published November 15, 2018, the first anniversary of Grandmaster Rhin Moon Richard Chun’s passing. To secure […]


Since its establishment in 1980, the United States Taekwondo Association was diligently overseen by its founder, Grandmaster Richard Chun, 9th dan black belt and one of […]